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The stones that talk

18th August 2016

We can’t say it’s a chore to come into work every day and know you’ll be handling diamonds and gemstones – it’s what we do, our core business.

When we’re travelling the world to source the finest gemstones for both retail and trade customers, we only ever buy the best.

We’ll work with a parcel of a few hundred stones just to sort the best 5 or 6 pieces. Yet even from those stunning examples, we sometimes happen upon a single stone that just stands out from all the rest.

Cut, colour, clarity and carat — All must be considered equally when comparing gemstones

It’s usually coloured gemstones that can throw up an unexpected treat.  Finding that extra special example from amongst the very best, a stone that even after working with gemstones for decades still makes us smile is great. These are the stones that don’t need to be “sold” –  we say ” they talk for themselves”.  


So, finding these rare stones… well, that’s what motivates us. These are the stones that we keep for Ashberry customers, ready to be made into beautiful, bespoke pieces.

Ashberry Bespoke

Gareth is our jewellery designer who will be happy to help create something unique to you.

Ashberry Bespoke