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Safely cleaning your jewellery

30th September 2016

If you wear your jewellery every day it’s inevitable that soap, cosmetics, grease and other bits of grime will build up over time. All of these things can contribute to the ‘dulling’ you’re no doubt familiar with in your favourite pieces. Most metals and gemstones are pretty resilient when it comes to cleaning but there are a few that require extra special care.

Of ‘the big four’ (diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald), all but emerald are pretty resilient to most forms of cleaning. Emerald and some other stones such as tanzanite must never be immersed in ultrasonic jewellery cleaners as the stones may fracture.

Emerald is 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale and has fair to good toughness, making it a stone that requires more care in wearing than ruby or sapphire

Some gemstones can be damaged by the weak acid in silver dip (or similar) jewellery cleaners. In particular, pearls, cameos and apatite can all be badly damaged by these products.

We always recommend using only mild soap, warm water and a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush if your jewels have lost their sparkle. Rinse immediately with clean warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth. You should only do this a few times a year, especially with softer stones such as emeralds.


Ashberry offer a professional cleaning service to all our customers to keep your jewellery in the very best condition. Some gemstones may require re-oiling after several years of wear, and we are always happy to offer advice and answer any questions you may have. Just get in touch with us via Facebook, email, phone or book an appointment online.

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